My iPhone Doesn't Connect - IOS 11 Bluetooth connection




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    Scott Philbrick

    I’ve had this little gem for three days and no way to use it! So frustrating ! Two seconds of connectivity is the best I’ve seen... please get it together guys? It’s been a long wait for a cool all to light paperweight !

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    Jan Bassett (Edited )

    That's 2 seconds more then I've achieved; not even a hint of pairing on iOS 11.1.2 despite following the iOS 11 instructions.

    So far it's a 45 GBP paperweight and too light to be good at that

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    Scott Philbrick


    I've tried for a few min every day in hopes it comes alive but so far no connection that lasts past the second or so!

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    Uri Nir

    Hi guys, please check the troubleshooting section or go to our support page and submit a request.

    We will address all connectivity issues individually. Thanks.

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