P-1 DREAMER (take-off and landing)




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    Mike, I have been wondering the same, so I did a test:

    1. downloaded the A4 template (invader)
    2. opened the PDF in Adobe Illustrator.
    3. select All, then scale to 210mm wide (this is A5 landscape, same proportions as A4)
    4. Added a dashed border .25 point line with ALL selected.
    5. printed on US letter, no scaling.

    This gave me an A5 dashed rectangle with the Invader template inside. I cut this with an x-acto and folded. Perfect size.

    My workflow is messy, and requires resizing, adding a border to cut, etc. It would be nice if a US letter template came pre-made this way. It would really help those of us in the US that are trying to enjoy making the templates for the Dart.

    I have not found a template for the Dreamer, but plan to do the Trainer, Nakamura, and Cardinal (Alpine, etc. --as many as I can find in A4 format) the same way as above. Also, I have not found any of the additional Dart templates, like, where's the F18 and others.

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    Mike Lievre

    Is there a template for the Dreamer? I only see a template for the Invader? As for the invader template, do we just print the 3.0 template at A5 paper size to have it Dart sized? I tried that but it printed at a bit different size than the included paper templates.

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    Randy (Edited )

    Also, I tried doing a half-size US letter and did not like the results. The Invader wings were not right. The wingtips came to too much of a point.

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    Scott Frey

    how do i install the landing gear?

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