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    Takeshi Kohda

    Is it possible to ask you for sending rudder?
    I lost mine during test flight and haven't enjoyed flight yet.
    Please help.

    T. K

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    Gregory White

    My 3,0 module is not charging.   It flashes fast and slow and fast again.  After I unplug, no lights.    I tried multiple cords and usb outlets.     I think the battery is dead after not using it for over a year.  I didn't realize that the battery needed to be recharged every few months - I didn't see anything in the manual about this.     Anyway, I have a solder gun.  How do you suggest replacing the battery?    What is the best way to open up the module?  Where can I find a replacement battery online?





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    Aric Tibbitts

    I am having the same problem. I have only used my 3.0 once less than a year ago and I'm not able to charge the battery on the module? Is there a replacement head?

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    Gregory White


    I got two batteries on Ebay from Seller named hunk_lee. $9.10 for two of

    They are a little bit longer than the originals so I had to cut out a
    little bit of the plastic inside the module with an x-acto knife to get
    it to fit, but it was an easy modification and took about a minute.  The trickier part is the soldering. 

    Here's the link:


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