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    shai goitein

    Hi Kunal

    POWERUP is all about learning from failure through trial and error. Don't worry about endless crashes, the module is designed to sustain many bumps as long as you fly in a wide open park with grass you really should not worry. 

    For full auto pilot mode similar to quads and drones you really need a GPS and also a barometer which we do not include, and honestly it takes all the fun away. The POWERUP is created for experimenting with designs while making RC flight easy and inexpensive. 

    The best way to learn how to fly your POWERUP is to break the flight pattern into a few steps. 

    Take off, turning back, landing.

    The most challenging part of flying an RC plane is understanding and mastering reverse control. This is when the plane flies towards you and left becomes right and right becomes left. To learn more how to fly please follow these articles and videos:


    Please let me know if this helped!


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